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EverFresh is a mobile application that allows users to order affordable meal-kit delivery with healthy fresh ingredients from local farms in their area. EverFresh ensures users can always get farmers market quality ingredients delivered to their door steps.

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Fresh from your
local farm to
your table.

EverFresh is a meal-kit delivery service
with ingredients fresh from your local farm.

Product Goals

EverFresh aims to help users save time on planning their meals and grocery shopping. Also, provided affordable and healthy recipes with available seasonal ingredients.

Business Goals

EverFresh’s objective is to be the go-to meal-kit service for health concious, but busy people. It will also help support local farms and create jobs in the area as well.

Design Process

Target Audience

Learning Goals

To validate these assumption, I went into the research phase.
The learning goals were to understand a user’s cooking and grocery shopping habits and experiences.

Cook at Home

→ How often do you cook at home?
→ Where do you usually look for recipes?
→ What triggers you to cook at home over getting delivery?

Grocery Shopping

→ How often do you grocery shop in a week?
→ Do you care more about price or the quality of the products?
→ Do you prefer in-person shopping or online delivery services?

Delivery Service

→ Why do you prefer this service over others?
→ Have you ever have any issue with the delivery service?
→ What type of food do you usually order and why?

Key Quotes from the Interviews:

→ I like cooking, but I’m usually busy with school and work. I couldn’t go grocery shop every few days to get fresh ingredients. It would be great if I could get a fresh ingredient online for a dish that I want to make.

I’ve never used grocery delivery service, because I heard all the issues my friends have had. They’ve gotten rotten produce, missing items, had their groceries stolen, etc. and I don’t want to deal with that.

I would like to be able to pick a very specific delivery time, so I can plan my day. Not stuck at home just to wait for the delivery.

→ I don’t like getting produce from big chain grocers. I like going to farmers market, which only opens once or twice a week and sometimes I can’t make it there.

→ I wish there is a better way to communicate with the shopper, so I don’t have to waste money on unfreshed or rotten produce.

→ I would be nice if I could get farmers market’s quality products online.

Patterns & Themes

The Problem

People would like to use grocery delivery service more to save time, but they kept encountering issues after issues. Many have received rotten produce,  couldn’t schedule a specific delivery time, had items missing, or gotten unwanted substitute items.

Solution Statement

Design a mobile application that allows users to order meal kits to be delivered to them with ingredients fresh from local farms. This could help users save time, ensure freshness of the ingredients, and support local businesses.

Low-Fidelity Design

Synthesis &
Clustering User Insights


High-Fidelity Design

The Design System

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