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This is the mobile app for United States PostalService. The app allows users to track their incoming packages, schedule a pickup, calculate shipping prices, find postal service locations, look up zip codes, and a few other basic shipping/mailing features.

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Heuristic Evaluation

1. Most features don’t work in the app

Even though it seems like the app has many features, but when select these features, the app sends user out to the website instead.

2. No log into account option

Users can’t log into their accounts, so they can’t use some features on the app (hold-mail, change address).

3. Distorted type and icons

The word ‘Scan’ and the icon on the scan button is squished and distorted.

4. Alert priority

If there’s an alert on a package, it should get pushed to the top as a priority, so the user can see it right away and take action.

5. Outdated visual design

The icon style is chunky and outdated

6. Pixelated maps

Whether zoomed in or out, the maps is still pixelated. The style of the maps is also look very outdated.

Redesign Goals

1. Add in-app features

Have features work in-app, so users wouldn’t get kicked to the website.

2. Updated the look & feel

Redesign the icons to be cleaner and more simple. Redesign the layout to look more up to date.

3. Add “log into account” option

Let the users have the option to log into their account to do more specific tasks.

App Store Reviews

Target Audience & Expert Interview

Ellie Pinyasas

Age: 30
Occupation: Online Store Owner & Art Director
Location: San Francisco, CA

Spencer Barkley

Age: 33
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Location: Novato, CA

Jeff Tritiprasert (Expert)

Age: 28
Occupation: UX Designer at Prosper Marketplace
Location: San Francisco, CA

Interview Questions:

→ Can you tell me a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Anything interesting you would like to tell about yourself.

→ Have you ever sent a package through USPS before? Can you walk through the steps you usually take when you want to send a parcel/package?

→ What's your thoughts on the process you take? What do you like or dislike about the process?

→ Do you use any courier’s mobile app? What feature do you find most useful? What other features are you looking for?

→ I am redesigning the USPS mobile app, Have you used it before? (If not, let’s take a look at it.)

→ What do you like or dislike about the app? What do you think could make it better?

Interview Results:

Here are some of the results I've got from interviewing two target audiences and one expert.

Ellie Pinyasas

→ Usually sends and receives multiple packages in a week, so would love to have the tracking numbers added to my account automatically.
→ Every features offered should work within the app.

Spencer Barkley

→ Usually goes to USPS physical location to return online purchases.
→ Would like to be able to hold incoming mail quickly through the app.
→ Account management feature is preferred.

Jeff Tritiprasert

→ A successful UX design should be designed for the people and help them get through the task quickly and easily.
→ All the features available should be able work in the app instead of jumping out to mobile web.
→ The UI looks outdated and chunky.

Link to More Interview Details


Low-Fidelity Design

Medium-Fidelity Design

Final High-Fidelity Design

Screen Comparison 01

Features Menu Screen

1. Redesign the icons for cleaner and more intuitive design.

2. Rearrange the overall layout for the features menu.

3. Add the tab bar menu for quick and easy navigation.

Screen Comparison 02

Tracking Screen

1. Categorized the shipment into “Incoming”, “Outgoing”, and “Delivered”.

2. Update the look of the delivery indicator wheel.

3. Make Tracking page into the “Home Page” since it’s the most used feature.

Screen Comparison 03

Schedule a Pickup Screen

1. Refine the layout to simpler and cleaner look. 

2. Utilize icons in each information box.

3. Update the look of the information boxes on the page.

4. Add the “Login” option, so all of the user’s information is automatically filled.

Link to Full Case Study
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